DFG Research Group
"Computational cooperative route planning in multi-scale 3D city and building models"


Today, the planning of infrastructure in urban areas is becoming more and more complex. Roads, rail and subway lines, along with their associated over and underpasses, continue to be built in conventional ways. However, with increased diversity related to legal, environmental, economic and structural conditions, as well as the number of participants growing in diverging skills, knowledge and interests, it is necessary to make adjustments to conventional infrastructure planning. Therefore, the KIT and TU Munich have teamed up to facilitate these planning processes and have essentially created a research group focusing on “computer-supported cooperative route planning in multi-scale 3D city and building models". This project highlights the importance of extending the traditional, existing 2D planning models to 3- or 4D urban and building models. This research collaboration aims to connect new methods and technologies in the fields of geographic information systems, computer vision and collaborative planning platforms. Moreover, the project explores new approaches to interactive and parametric route planning, as well as image-based "real-time" localisation in 3D and multi-scale 3D modelling. Results of this planning application project will benefit research in both science and engineering, with the highest relevance set to on-site mobile systems.

(Host institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, spokesperson: Professor Martin Breunig)

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