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Geodetic use of GPS

— Department of Physical and Satellite Geodesy —


Test and calibration field for GPS receiving antennae

GNSS-Reference-Station KARL


Further fields of research

  • Transformation of GPS heights into official heights
  • Comparative study of commercial GPS Analysis Software
  • Time series analysis of GPS observations
  • Developing a tiered approach for the processing of three-dimensional GPS results, taking into account the need for accuracy and reliability
  • Investigation of problems with the transformation of GPS results using national reference systems (strict / approximated ellipsoid transformation)
  • Development of models for the combination of GPS heights with official heights; conversion of GPS heights into official height systems
  • Analysis of the accuracy and reliability of RTK-GPS measurements
  • Use of GPS for high precision engineering surveys
  • Development of Sonar Underwater Navigation System (SUNS) in the Alpbach Summer School "LI Application and Science for Systems Navigation Satellite"