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Geodetic Measurement and Sensor Technology


— Department of Surveying and Geodetic Sensors —

In the research area Geodetic Measurement and Sensor Technology, measuring instruments and techniques are evaluated and developed for challenging measurement tasks for engineering and industry areas. To ensure a high standard of quality of the survey equipment, special attention is paid to the compliance with internationally recognized standards and norms. For this purpose, test methods are designed to account for the range of possible interference. Today, we are still unable to detect the effects of sensor refraction, which represents the major limiting factor to the accuracy of geodetic measurements. Therefore, the development of efficient methods to determine the effects of refraction forms another main focus of this research.

Kinematic surveying
Challenge in 4D: It can move things in measurement technology.

Industrial Surveying (Large Volume Metrology, LVM)
Looking for the µm: Studies on Laser Tracker LTD 500 and AT 901 as well as their application profiles in industry surveying.

Reverse Engineering
Fixed formulas for free shapes - Can be captured and modelled as arbitrary surfaces.

Distance Measurement
Even today, no old hat: studies of specific instrument characteristics, laser radar, spherical reflectors, identification of large-scale corrections, cyclical corrections, and addition corrections.

Angle measurement
A direction is still far from an angle: the angle of the testing equipment at GIK.

Examination of leveling systems
Test procedures in accordance with ISO.

Testing equipment
4D calibration laboratory under construction: Information about technical equipment such as the high-speed rail, precision rotary arm, time-referenced rotating arm and angle testing device.

Analysis of interference
For tolerance budgeting: tachymeters and tripod movements when using Robot. See also research area for refraction.

Hardware developments
1DOF to 6DOF

Calibration of temperature sensors
Relative and absolute calibration of temperature sensors for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The short film about PHIL, first shown on our Intergeo exhibition stand in 2006.


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Short film about the new-tracking reflector holder.





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Short film about robot surveying.




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