3D Data and Model Management for the Geosciences with Particular Emphasis on Topology and Time

The project aims at developing a dimension independent approach to manage the topology of spatial objects, including its time dependency and linking with geometry and geo-scientific parameters. Basic research for the management of 3D geo-objects with particular emphasis on topology and time will be undertaken in the project, being based on the service-oriented 3D geo-database system DB4GeO that has been developed by the Working Group "Geodatabases" of Martin Breunig. The main objectives of the project are the development of a unique topology management for different spatial dimensions (1D - 3D) of geoscientific objects, the development of a time-dependent topology management for spatial geoscientific objects, as well as the implementation of the developed concepts and the evaluation based on a specific geo-scientific scenario, such as the landfill site on "Piesberg" mountain near Osnabrück.