RITA Live at the Night of Science

The measurement robot RITA was exhibited and demonstrated live at the Night of Science.

RITA - Logo Night of Science

This year's Night of Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) attracted numerous curious visitors. The event provided a great opportunity to learn about exciting research topics and discover more about innovative projects. From the depths of the universe to reactions on a molecular level, there were diverse offerings that ignited scientific interest among the young and old alike.

RITA - Night of Science

RITA - Night of Science

During the Night of Science, we were able to exhibit and demonstrate our measuring robot RITA in the Tulla Foyer as part of a collaborative project.
Here, we had the chance to present our innovative robot platform RITA to a wide audience and showcase its high precision in reaching individual ground points. With a generously designed booth and live demonstrations of our robot, we managed to capture the attention of visitors and provide detailed insights into our work and the areas of application for RITA. The RITA team took the time to engage in personal conversations, answer individual questions, and demonstrate specific routing routines.
The positive feedback and the diverse interest in our robot platform affirmed our dedication and provided us with additional motivation.
We are already looking forward to future events and the opportunity to further showcase our developments and results with our mobile robot RITA.


More information
RITA stands for "Robot with Integrated Tacheometer steering for different Applications". This mobile robot platform is being developed in collaboration with an industrial partner at the Geodetic Institute and offers the opportunity to automate various measurement tasks. Different challenges need to be met. The system should always be intuitively operable, provide real-time results, improve working conditions (such as continuous bending), complete the measurement task in significantly less time than usual, and increase reliability. As a quasi-autonomous robot for height control of hall floors, an additional focus is on achieving height accuracy. As a marking robot, high location accuracy needs to be achieved. The RITA robot platform is therefore suitable for various precise applications.