Excursion to VMT in Bruchsal

On an excursion to VMT, the students of GuG gained exciting insights into industrial measurement technology and data analysis
Laserradar GIK
Excursion to VMT in Bruchsal
Messarm VMT
Spatial capture of a car component with a measuring arm and laser scanner
Laserradar GIK
Automated inspection of an aircraft wall panel with a laser radar

On Monday, June 10, 2024, we, the students of the 4th semester in the Bachelor of Geodesy and Geoinformatics at KIT, had the opportunity to get an insight into the company VMT headquartered in Bruchsal. The excursion was related to the courses on adjustment computation and statistics, as well as geodetic sensors and measurement technology (GSM). VMT is a globally represented company with secondary locations in China and Seattle in the USA. The company's core area lies in tunneling, with an additional specialization in industrial measurement.

After a brief introductory presentation, various measuring instruments and measurement processes from an industrial context were presented in three different workshops. In addition to data capturing, data processing in the program SpatialAnalyzer was demonstrated. SpatialAnalyzer is a 3D measurement and analysis program, extensively used for automation at VMT. In the first workshop, we were able to capture a model segment with an ATS600 and a spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) as well as contactlessly with live analysis in SpatialAnalyzer. The high accuracy requirements were unknown to us in our previous studies. Normally, accuracy requirements in measurement exercises are in the millimeter range, but in industrial surveying and the applications shown at VMT, work is especially done in the submillimeter range. High accuracy is crucial, as in tunnelling or aircraft construction, there is little room for tolerances, and deviations can cause significant economic damage.

In the other workshops, the spatial capture of a car component with a measuring arm and laser scanner, as well as the automated inspection of an aircraft wall panel with a laser radar, were presented. Both methods were well explained and visualized with live data. The excursion ended with a cozy barbecue and drinks.

We gained an interesting insight into industrial measurement technology, which is only part of the curriculum in the master's program, and into the company VMT. Certainly, some of us are now interested in opportunities, such as the possibility of writing thesis at the company.

We would like to thank VMT for the wonderful experience and successful excursion.

The students of the 4th semester