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Freie Software

DB4GeO/DB3D Core

GIT-Repository: https://github.com/geodb/db3dcore
Ansprechpartner: Paul Vincent Kuper, Markus Jahn, Simon Laun



An android based 3D/AR Viewer with GIS functionality for spatio-temporal data.
GIT-Repository: https://github.com/PaulVincent/ST-GIS
Ansprechpartner: Paul Vincent Kuper



A mobile GIS software based on OGC standards
GIT-Repository: https://github.com/GeoTechSystems/GeoTechMobile
Ansprechpartner: Paul Vincent Kuper, Simon Laun



Helper library to query OSM data via the OSM overpass API.
GIT-Repository: please contact kuperDua7∂kit edu
Ansprechpartner: Paul Vincent Kuper, Simon Laun