Geodetic Institute (GIK)

Hennes, Maria: Memberships

Stellvertretende Leiterin des DIN-Ausschusses „Geodätische Instrumente und Geräte“ im Fachbereich Vermessung und Geoinformation des NABau
since 2014

Member of Normenausschusses Bauwesen der DIN, Fachbereich "Geodätische Instrumente und Geräte"
since 2013

Member of advisory boards Eurament JRP "Metrology for Long distance surveying"
since 2013     

Member of Scientific Committee of International Symposiums on Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments (ISMTII)
since 2012 

Vice Dean
since 2010 

Program Committee Member of Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN)
since 2010 

Member of the International Working Group "Company for Calibrating Measuring equipment Geodetic eV" (GKGM)
Chair from 2009 to 2019, in the board since 2006, member since 2004

Member of The Association of German Engineers (VDI)
since 2010

Member of IERS Working Group on Site Survey and Co-location (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service)
since 2009

Member of the Academic Advisory Board of “tandem+”
since 2004

Member of DGK-Section Ingenieurgeodäsie
since 2003

Member of the Building and Civil Engineering Standards Committee of DIN, section responsible for surveying and geographic information
2002 - 2006

Member of German Geodetic Commission (DGK)
since 2002